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Jinan Jianfeng Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a leading research-driven family-managed pharmaceutical company. In the principle of [Quality Oriented", Jianfeng passed the certification of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System. The products meet USP, EP, JP and CP standards and are available not only in China but also in the US, Germany, Canada, Japan, etc. To meet market demands, Jianfeng set up one R&D center, two GMP workshops and three pharmaceutical & chemical factories. "Honesty, practicality, innovation, development" are our values. Jianfeng would like to cooperate with you with high quality products and competitive

Categories and Products

Top Products Apixaban Lurasidone

Imatinib Mesilate api cas 220127-57-1 cas 152459-95-5 Creatine phosphate disodium salt API cas 922-32-7 Apixaban API Apixaban intermediate cas 503612-47-3 Terbinafine HCL api terbinafine intermeidate cas 78628-80-5 Cas 137-58-6 Api and intermediate Tetracaine base api tetracaine base intermediate cas 94-24-6 Prilocaine base api and intermediate cas 721-50-6 Lurasidone HCL api Lurasidone intermediate cas 367514-88-3 Tadalafil cas 171596-29-5 Tadanafil 99% powder Sildenafil Sildenafil cas 139755-83-2 Tadalafil powder 99% Sex Steroid Entecavir hydrate 99.9% pharmacrutical cas 209216-23-9 Febuxostat api Febuxostat intermediate cas 144060-53-7 Tianeptine sodium salt cas 30123-17-2 Hydroxycholesterol cas 2140-46-7 Eldecalcitol ED-71 Hydralazine hydrochloride api cas 304-20-1 


Lapatinib API Lapatinib Intermedicate cas 231277-92-2 Propiverine HCL api 99% powder cas 54556-98-8 Ibrutinib api cas 936563-96-1 Ibrutinib intermediate Crizotinib intermediate cas 877399-00-3 


Nifuratel API Nifuratel Intermediates cas 4936-47-4 Voriconazole API voriconazole intermeidate CAS 137234-62-9 Liranafate api Liranafate intermediate CAS 88678-31-3 Loteprednol etabonate api Lotemax cas 82034-46-6 DFSX-2 intermediate cas 247069-27-8 Difluoropyiridin antifungal imidazole cas 65277-42-1 Fluconazole api cas 86386-73-4 antifungal cream Fenticonazole nitrate api purity 99% cas 73151-29-8 Dexamethasone powder 99% cas 50-02-2 Clobetasol propionate api 99% usp cas 25122-46-7 Nepafenac api Nevance cas 78281-72-8 Diquafosol cas 59985-21-6 Diquafosol Sodium Salt Raltegravir Free Base Api Cas 518048-05-0 


Voglibose api Voglibose intermediate cas 83480-29-9 Trelagliptin CAS 865759-25-7 and SYR-472 IpragliflozinL Proline intermediate cas 1034305-17-3 Enalapril maleate intermediate cas 76095-16-4 Sitagliptin phosphate monohydrate api cas 654671-77-9 Allopregnanolone Acetate Cas 906-83-2 Brexanolone 


Mepivacaine Hcl api and intermediate cas 1722-62-9 Mepivacaine base api and intermediate cas 22801-44-1 Tetracaine HCL api tetracaine HCL intermediate cas 136-47-0 Bupivacaine hcl api Bupivacaine HCL cas 14252-80-3 Bupivacaine api Bupivacaine base intermediate cas 2180-92-9 Cas 73-78-9 api and intermediate Prilocaine hcl api Prilocaine hcl intermediate cas 1786-81-8 Procaine HCL api Procaine HCL intermediate cas 51-05-8 Ropivacaine HCL api and intermediate cas 132112-35-7 Ropivacaine base api and intermediate cas 84057-95-4 Cas 6108-05-0 API and intermediate Dyclonine hydrochloride api cas 536-43-6 oral anaesthetic Tetracaine Api Cas 94-24-6 In Stock Prilocaine Api Cas 721-50-6 Purity 99% 


Dabigatran etexilate cas 211915-06-9 Cas 872728-81-9 Rivaroxaban 99% api cas 366789-02-8 Idebenone api cas 58186-27-9 Daruma 


Diazapam api Diazapam intermediate cas 439-14-5 Lurasidone HCL intermediate Lurasidone base cas 367514-87-2 Pregabalin api pregabalin intermediate cas 148553-50-8 Tianeptine intermediate cas 66981-73-5 cas 1224690-84-9 Flumazenil api 99% Flumazepil cas 78755-81-4 

Other APIs

Isoprinosine api cas 36703-88-5 Dibenzoyl-l-tartaric acid monohydrate cas 62708-56-9 Ddibenzoyl-l-tartaric acid anhydous cas 2743-38-6 Cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride api cas 6202-23-9 Esmolol hydrochloride api cas 81161-17-3 drug Sodium picosulfate api cas 10040-45-6 Galactononulosonic acid lactaminic acid cas 131-48-6 Flibanserin api cas 167933-07-5 Montelukast sodium api cas 151767-02-1 Dorzolomide hydrochloride cas 130693-82-2 Isoprenaline hydrochloride api cas 51-30-9 Ipriflavone api cas 35212-22-7 Renostyptin Scurenaline Epinephrine api cas 51-43-4 Fenspiride hydrochloride cas 5053-08-7 Fenspiride base cas 5053-06-5 Antioxidant fine chemical cas 1149-23-1 Dantrolene Sodium Pharmaceutical Api CAS 24868-20-0 Apixaban Api Powder 99% Cas 503612-47-3 Lurasidone Hcl Api Cas 367514-88-3 Powder Lurasidone Base Cas 367514-87-2 


Apixaban Intermediates

Apixaban intermediate cas 503614-91-3 Apixaban impurity cas 27143-07-3 Apixaban intermeidate Cas 545445-44-1 Apixaban intermeidate cas 536759-91-8 Apixaban impurity apixaban intermediate cas 1267610-26-3 Apixaban impurity cas 536760-29-9 Apixaban intermeidate cas 503615-03-0 Apixaban intermeidate cas 503615-07-4 

Lurasidon Hydrochloride Intermediates

lurasidone intermediate cas 46022-05-3 lurasidone intermediate cas 186204-35-3 Lurasidone intermediate cas 2746-19-2 lurasidone intermediate cas 65376-05-8 lurasidone intermediate cas 186204-37-5 lurasidone intermediate cas 87691-87-0 lurasidone intermediate cas 14805-29-9 

Febuxostat Intermediates

Febuxostat intermediate cas 25984-63-8 Febuxostat intermediate cas 161798-01-2 Cas 160844-75-7 Febuxostat intermediate Febuxostat intermediate V cas 161797-99-5 Febuxostat intermediate cas 161798-03-4 cas 161798-02-3 Febuxostat intermediate 

Ibrutinib Intermediates

Cas 330786-24-8 ibrutinib impurity Ibrutinib impurity intermediate cas 330792-70-6 Ibrutinib Intermediate Cas 1022150-12-4 

Tadalafil Intermediates

Tadanafil intermediate cas 171489-59-1 Chloropretadalafil Tadalafil IMpurity intermediate cas 171752-68-4 

Other Intermediates

Intermediates cas18621-18-6 cas 372118-01-9 Caffeine intermediate cas 6642-31-5 antioxidant DMC HCL cas 4584-46-7 Thiopheneacetic acid pharmaceutical intermediate 1918-77-0 Ozenoxacin intermediate cas 103877-51-6 Olopatadine HCL intermediate cas 55453-87-7 Iguratimod intermediate cas 149436-41-9 cas 149457-03-4 Nafamostat mesylate cas 82957-06-0 Epalrestat intermediate cas 5718-83-2 Pyridylacetic Acid Hcl cas 6419-36-9 Articaine Intermediate e Cas 85006-31-1 Enalapril Maleate Impurity Cas 82717-96-2 Ozenoxacin Intermediate Cream Cas 245765-66-6 Ozenoxacin Intermediate Cream Cas 446299-81-6 Raltegravir Intermediate Cas 888504-28-7 Raltegravir Intermediate Cas 519032-08-7 Raltegravir Intermediate Cas 518048-02-7 Raltegravir intermediate CAS 518048-03-8 

Cosmetics raw material

Glutathione api cas 70-18-8 cas 20167-21-9 Cholesteryl chloride powder cas 910-31-6 Vitamin C tetra isopalmitate cas 183476-82-6 Alpha arbutin 2 ha cas 84380-01-8 Ascorbyl glucoside cas 129499-78-1 Glutathione antioxidant api cas 3054-47-5 

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